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Port Douglas Private Fishing Charter


See the Best of Port Douglas with a Private Fishing Charter

When you want an unforgettable outdoor experience in Port Douglas, a private fishing charter is a perfect opportunity. Not only can you enjoy the chance to have a fishing trip all to yourself, but you can also plan a private getaway involving your friends or your family. At Hook Up Fishing Charters, we cater exclusively to small groups and happily provide private excursions, so you never need to worry about a crowded trip or an experience that's anything less than amazing.


The Importance of Getting the Right Private Boat Charter in Port Douglas


Why take the time to consider options such as our service when you want to charter a boat? Your choice will have a significant impact on the outcome of your day on the water. The right charter allows you to:


  • Ensure that you can enjoy a unique and exciting experience. The best fishing spots are the ones discovered over time and with experience. With Hook Up Fishing Charters, you'll have the opportunity to go where many others can't, exploring estuaries and inshore reefs.

  • Have a successful day out on the water, especially when you bring the whole family along. Don't spend hours without a nibble — enjoy the continual excitement of hooking the big ones.

  • Enjoy the experience of fishing with a guide that knows the area exceptionally well. The amount of fun you can have is practically unlimited when you have a knowledgeable and friendly guide as your host.



Tips for Getting the Most Value Out of a Private Charter in Port Douglas


Choosing a charter provider is just the first step — how can you make sure that you make the most of your investment in this service? We've been doing this for a while, so we know a thing or two about how to have a good time fishing. Here are our top tips for maximising your enjoyment:


  • Arrive on time for your departure. We meet our clients directly at the boat ramp, so we don’t waste any time in starting our journey. The fish wait for no one — be sure to show up ready to depart to enjoy as much of your booked time on the water as possible.

  • Pack a delicious lunch and don't forget to bring it along. We're happy to provide everything else you'll need, but it always helps to have tasty snacks around to enhance your enjoyment of the afternoon.

  • Book an excursion that matches your needs best. We're happy to provide you with a quick, half-day adventure with four hours on the water, or a complete day-long trip up to 8 hours.
















Why Trust Us with Your Boat Charter in Port Douglas?


At Hook Up Charters, we have roughly three decades of experience with fishing. Not only do we know the best spots, but we know how to bring the fish up and how to guide you through the process of reeling them in, too. Don't forget to have your camera ready for some unforgettable snaps of you, your friends, or your family members with a prize fish! With tonnes of experience and a strong track record of safety, we're the ideal choice for experiencing the best fishing in Far North Queensland up close and personal. Contact us today to make a booking.


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