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Fishing Port Douglas


Hook Up with Knowledgeable Guides for Fishing in Port Douglas


Enjoy some of the best fishing in Port Douglas available, thanks to quality guides who can bring you to excellent spots. Take advantage of our knowledge and boats to get to deeper locations than you can with shallow fishing. Read on below to learn more about our charter fishing trips in Port Douglas. What Sets Hook Up Fishing Charters Apart Regarding Half Day Fishing in Port Douglas Several things let us stand apart from the rest when it comes to fishing in Port Douglas:



  • We can target the specific kind of fish you’re looking for - for example; we can help you find Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Queen Fish, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Nannygai, and more. Whatever your preference is when it comes to fish in Port Douglas, we’ll help you reel in what you desire.

  • Our boat has access to some of the most pristine waters available in Far North Queensland. Experience the bounty of the sea as you fish in locations teeming with life. Our guide Shawry will take you to areas you’ve never been to enjoy perhaps some of the most productive fishing you’ve ever done.

  • Experience fun for the whole family, as our boat brings more than just individuals to the sea. Each tour accommodates up to four people, so join in the fun with friends or family. Introduce your kids to the magic of fishing for a wonderful day of entertainment, fun, and challenge.


You can’t go wrong by choosing Hook Up Fishing Charters for your day at sea.





Related Services We Provide to Port Douglas Fishing Charters for a Half Day


Our half day fishing charters offer a varied experience.


  • Enjoy a day of mud crabbing with our ¾ and full-day charter trips. Experience why mud crabs are acclaimed as one of the best ways to enjoy seafood by catching and eating them fresh from the sea.

  • Get a unique view of the land as your tour takes off from Ashford Ave. See Port Douglas recede into the distance as the clear blue water welcomes you to a different world.

  • You can book a full-day tour, as well, but don’t forget to pack a lunch if you join us for the full eight hours. Also, you can bring your mates and enjoy a few beers on the water, as we offer BYO for your enjoyment.




Why You Should Engage in Port Douglas Fishing


There’s no better way to spend a summer’s day than on the open sea. Unwind from the stresses of work, flashback to when your family took you fishing, or just try a new way to fish. Whatever your reason to spend a day fishing, you’ll likely find what you were looking for and a lot more, to boot. Just bring yourself and your fellow fisher-folk, as we provide all the fishing gear, bait, lures, insect repellent, water, and soft drinks you’ll need. Contact us to learn more or book your fishing trip today.

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